From Pom Poms to Prison

Read this inspirational story about Susan and the journey to where she is currently in her life.

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Susan's Story

……a typical all American girl, but she and her family endured heartbreaking tragedy and crippling addictions that almost destroyed them.

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Behind the Name

God is awesome; and He is using each heartbreak,
mistake, and tragedy for HIS glory.
Nothing happens in our life without HIS permission.
I have had many wonder why I had to endure so much tragedy.
I truly believe through each trial HE has strengthened me SO I CAN CHEER.
So I can cheer for the hurting, hopeless, and weary.
SO I CAN CHEER for HIM, shouting out HIS name in praise through the good times and bad.
He has taken me From Pom Poms to Prison… SO I CAN CHEER.
Because of HIS grace I am still standing, cheering on HIS VICTORY!
– Susan DeFace Washington

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I have had the opportunity to hear Susan DeFace Washington speak on more than one occasion. After hearing her story, all I could think was that it was one of the most courageous testimonies I have ever heard. She is living proof of God’s power and grace.

Randy Smith

First Baptist Church of Allen